Local Attorney to Run for Sacramento City Charter Commission

Attorney Matthew D. Roy has decided to run for a local position within the City of Sacramento in the upcoming November election. Matthew Roy started the Law Offices of Matthew D. Roy in 2010 that resolves personal and financial problems for Sacramento area residents.

Mr. Roy is a graduate of California State University Sacramento and the McGeorge school of law. As a volunteer attorney with W.E.A.V.E he has helped numerous victims of domestic violence obtain restraining orders against their abusers. Additionally, he regularly facilitates workshops at the William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse on behalf of the Family Law Facilitator’s Office to conduct their domestic violence prevention series.

Mr. Roy supports growth in Sacramento. He believes the City Charter should be updated since it was first established in 1920. “We are not a small town anymore,” says Roy. “We need to allow this city to evolve and grow with the modern times.” “By updating the Charter we will allow our city officials to meet the present needs of the city and prepare for the future.”

The Charter Reivew Commission will appear on the November 06, 2012 ballot for voters within the City of Sacramento. Voter’s must first decide whether to establish the Charter Commission and they may then select which candidates they wish to serve on the position.

As a former member of the Board of Governor’s of the California Community Colleges, Mr. Roy is prepared and motivated to serve in this capacity and represent his fellow citizens on the Charter Commission if created.

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