Sacramento Bankrutpcy News Alert

News FlashAccording to the Wall Street Journal, California and Arizona are responsible for between 36%-46% of the year to date increases in consumer bankruptcy filings across the nation. While bankruptcy filings in April have been marginally lower than the filings from March, they still remain 15% above the statistics from April 2009. California, specifically, has seen a 40% jump in personal bankruptcy filings since this time last year.

144,490 people filed for personal bankruptcy in March throughout the entire United States. The Eastern District of California, the jurisdiction that oversees the bankruptcy process in the Sacramento area has seen approximately 32,000 Chapter 7 filings since January 1st alone. Economists predict that individual bankruptcy filings will top 1.5 million in 2010. This number exceeds the 1.4 million consumer bankruptcies filed in 2009, which has been the highest number of filings since Congress changed the bankruptcy laws in 2005. Congress reformed the system five years ago in order to reduce the number of bankruptcy filings by making it more difficult for individuals to qualify under Chapter 7.

If you or someone you know have been affected by the recent economic collapse and have considered filing for bankruptcy, you should take action now and discuss your financial situation with a Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney.

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